Aluminium cast alloys


Our ingots weigh approx. 7 kilos and are with the following dimensions: length 570 mm; width 95 mm; height 65 mm.


Aluminium ingots are steel-strapped into single bundles of 500-600 kilos.

Chemical composition

Chemical composition of the aluminium alloys may be according to individual customer needs, in accordance with an agreed chemical composition;

According to currently valid European standards EN 1676 and EN 1706;

According to other standards such as BDS 12223-74, DIN 1725, GOST 1583, JISH 2118; ANSI/AA; BS 1490.

Master alloys

The company produces aluminium master alloys on customer’s request. Chemical composition may be in compliance with the European standard EN 575, other standards and on customer’s request with an agreed chemical composition.